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Welcome to our compassionate online resource center, where we offer a supportive and understanding space to navigate the complexities of grief and mourning during this difficult time of loss.

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You want to protect your family from worry and doubt during a time of loss. Now it’s time to get started! You can book a meeting to meet with your preplanning specialist or click the button below to work at your own pace from the comfort of home.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Your Package: Answer a few questions and select the best package
  2. Customize Package: Customize your plan so it fits your unique needs
  3. Finalize Plan: Complete your account information, payment, and signatures

You can plan online or in person, whatever works best for you. If you need assistance, you can always contact your preplanning specialist at any time. Stop worrying about what may happen if your family is faced with a loss, and instead put your wishes in writing so that you know they will have peace of mind knowing it’s taken care of.

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Why Preplan?

You have always protected your family by planning ahead in case of emergencies. Planning ahead for funeral wishes is no different.

Less Stress, Worry, and Doubt

When you plan ahead for funeral wishes, you know everything will be taken care of for your loved ones. No disagreements, no overspending, no worry, anxiety, or undue stress on those you love the most.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Learn about your funeral planning options
  2. Create a customized plan with a free cost estimate
  3. Explore payment options and see if advance payment makes sense for you

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Book a FREE preplanning meeting today to get started. Won’t it be nice when you can say, “It’s all been taken care of?”

Helpful Links

Discover resources for navigating life's transitions, including estate planning, legal tools, and more.

Image on hand with pen writing a will
How to Write a Will

Learn what should be included and how to properly set up a will.

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Protecting Your Digital Assets

Learn how to make sure loved ones have access to important assets after you are gone.

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Estate Planning

An estate plan is an important tool for planning and preparing for end of life.

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Funeral Planning Checklist

This checklist will help you in making important funeral planning decisions.

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Free Resources

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30-Day Grief Journal

Introducing our 30-day Grief Journal—a compassionate companion designed to guide you through the journey of healing and understanding after loss. Each day, find solace in reflective prompts that encourage the expression of your emotions, cherished memories, and personal growth. This journal provides a safe space to navigate grief, fostering self-care and resilience as you honor your unique path towards healing.

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Healing & Meaningful Funerals eBook

This eBook explains why funerals are important and how to plan a funeral that meets the needs of a family following a loss. It features noted author, educator, and grief counselor Dr. Alan Wolfelt, who explains the key role funerals play in the healing journey.

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