celebrate life, love

and memories

protect those you care

about the most

plan a one-of-a-kind

healing tribute

why plan ahead?

Planning ahead for final wishes brings comfort and peace to you and your loved ones. A thoughtfully prepared plan helps protect your family and gives them a gift of love that only you can give.

work with trusted experts

We connect you with local experts who can help you record your wishes for your final tribute.

celebrate your unique life

You can create a personalized celebration of life plan that reflects your values, your accomplishments, and the amazing life you have lived.

plan a healing tribute

Plan a final farewell that brings healing to your loved ones. After a loss, family and friends can find comfort and experience closure through a healing and meaningful life tribute.

help your family heal after loss

Learn about the specific needs that grieving family members have after a loss and how you can help them find hope and healing during a difficult time with a thoughtfully planned final tribute.

tools and resources

Explore tools & resources for advance planning including legal questions, wills, estate plans, trusts, Medicaid planning, and much more.