Rachel Hartmann

Neidhard Minges Funeral Home (Westwood & Taylor Creek)

As a funeral planning specialist, I help families plan ahead of time for a special end of life celebration that meets the needs of their family.

Rachel Hartmann

Neidhard Minges Funeral Home (Westwood & Taylor Creek)

As a funeral planning specialist, I help families plan ahead of time for a special end of life celebration that meets the needs of their family.

"Rachel is a smart, engaging, and caring individual with a welcoming personality that puts people at ease. Rachel is uniquely qualified in her role as a funeral planning specialist. She has a great deal of experience and a high level of confidence when helping families plan ahead. We are excited to have Rachel as part of our Neidhard-Minges family, helping us serve the communities of Western Hills and Harrison."

-Mark & Pete Minges

Owners of Neidhard-Minges Funeral Home

Celebrating Life

Love, and Memories

Families in our area choose our funeral home so that we can help them create personal and meaningful ceremonies that celebrate the life, love and memories they have shared. We help hundreds of individuals and families each year celebrate life with unique and healing tributes that reflect a life well-lived.

Helping People Plan Ahead

I am a licensed funeral director, and I have witnessed both kinds of funeral arrangements, with advance planning and without. I've never had a family say they weren't thankful for their loved one taking the time to prearrange for them. So that is my goal, to help people see the gift they are giving. I enjoy helping people understand their options, both for a creative and personal service as well as for financing the funeral in advance.


Rachel Hartmann

professional background


Rachel graduated from Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in 2006 with a Bachelor's of Applied Sciences in Mortuary Science. She is a licensed funeral director and embalmer and a licensed insurance agent.

Funeral Director

As a funeral director, Rachel has helped hundreds of families from all walks of life, offering care, comfort, and support during a time of loss. When making arrangements with a family, Rachel always found ways to make each service special, meaningful, and unique.

Funeral Planning Specialist

Rachel now enjoys helping individuals and families plan ahead for their funeral wishes, reducing the emotional and financial burdens brought on by a loss in the family. She finds a great deal of satisfaction in helping families avoid unnecessary stress, worry, and doubt on one of the worst days of their lives.

my story

My brother, who is also a funeral director and embalmer, encouraged me to attend mortuary school. I knew that I wanted to use my strengths and abilities to make a difference and help people. I decided to follow his advice and when I became a funeral director, I saw that many families were going through emotional and financial turmoil, which made their time of grief much more difficult than it had to be. I decided to move into a full time position where I could help people create funeral plans in advance. This way, I would be able to help families spare their loved ones from having to go through such a difficult experience during a time of loss.

Contact Me


( 513 ) 335-7223

personal pursuits

I have a husband, Jeff, who is also a funeral director and embalmer. We met while attending the same school, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. We have two daughters, Madelyn Maddie (5 years old) and Tess (19 months old). We live in White Oak and are members of St. James the Greater. I love being a Mom to my two girls. We enjoy playing outside at our house and going camping and boating together as a family. I also love to read, play golf, go for bike rides, and spend time with my family and friends.

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Medicaid Qualification Rules and How to Spend Down With a Burial Plan

If you need to qualify for Medicaid coverage for long term care, you may be trying to think of smart ways to spend down your assets. Burial plans can be set up as exempt assets so that they are not counted when applying for Medicaid coverage. This way, you are able to preserve some assets that your family will need one day.

Funeral Planning Checklist

If you want to plan ahead for your funeral wishes or plan a funeral for a loved one, the checklist below will help you in making important decisions:

Why Plan Ahead for Funeral Wishes?

You plan for everything in life -- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, vacations, homes, retirement, and much more. Why shouldn't you also plan for final wishes? While no one likes to think about their own demise, the fact remains that one day, your family will need to make dozens of hard decisions to arrange for your final life

How to Get Started With Funeral Planning

Planning ahead for your final wishes is simple and only takes about an hour to complete. There are three basic steps to creating a healing and meaningful funeral plan that will help your family cope with your loss on one of the hardest days of their lives.

Protecting Your Funeral Funds

There are many ways to take care of the financial aspect of a funeral in advance. However, not all payment methods are created equal. Each method has its own risks and benefits, so it is up to you to decide which payment method is right for you.