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This description of the information practices of Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC) and your FDLIC agent is being provided in accordance with the requirements of insurance information and privacy laws. FDLIC is strongly committed to maintaining the privacy of your personal information. To this end, FDLIC has taken appropriate steps to ensure that our information services are secure and that our employees are informed and committed to protecting the security of information entrusted to us. For your information, the following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices.


To issue and administer your contract or policy, we need to obtain information about you. Most of this information will be obtained from your prearranged funeral contract or insurance application. The information you provide is maintained by FDLIC for the purpose of processing your contract or policy. If health questions are asked on your application, we may ask for health information from physicians, medical professionals, hospitals, clinics, or other medical care institutions and agents.


The information about you which we obtain will not be disclosed to others without your authorization except to the extent necessary for the conduct of our business, and as authorized by the laws of your state. For example, necessary items of information may be disclosed to:Various employees of FDLIC who may see the information you submit in the course of their official duties;Our agents to enable them to adequately service your contract or policy;Persons or organizations which perform a business, professional, or insurance function for us;Other insurers, agents, or insurance support organizations to enable them to perform a business function concerning an insurance transaction with you;A State Insurance Department or other governmental authority; andA funeral home from which you have purchased a prearranged funeral contract.We do not share any nonpublic personal information about you with non-affiliated third parties other than entities with whom we have a joint marketing agreement or which perform business functions integral to the provision or servicing of our insurance products, or when required or permitted by law. We also do not sell any customer or policyholder information to mailing lists companies or mass marketing companies. If we disclose such non-public personal information about you to a nonaffiliated third party, (except where permitted or required by law) you will first be given an opportunity to opt-out of our providing such non-public personal information. We treat our policyholder information as confidential. This policy continues in effect even if you may cease to be a customer of FDLIC at some point in the future.


You have a right of access to information we maintain in our files about you. Within 30 business days of our receipt of your written request you may have access to recorded information about you which is locatable and retrievable. We will inform you of the identity of any institutional source which gave us the information. If you wish, we can arrange for you to see this information or obtain a copy by mail. You may be asked to pay a charge for the cost of providing copies.We will advise you of those persons to whom the information has been disclosed within two years prior to the request if we have the information, or if not we will give you the names of the persons to whom such information is normally disclosed. If you request access to your file, medical information received by us from a medical practitioner or health organization will only be disclosed to a medical professional designated by you in your request.


You may request correction, amendment, or deletion of any information in our files pertaining to you. We will respond within 30 business days concerning your request.We will tell you what action we have taken. If we do not agree with you, we will notify you of our refusal, give you our reasons, and give you the opportunity to file a concise statement stating why you dispute our action. If we originally receive any information from a medical professional or medical information source, we will request that you contact them directly and ask that they correct, amend, or delete the information they have concerning you. To the extent they modify their information we shall take appropriate action based on that modification. We will notify any person who furnished us the information, within the preceding two years, of the dispute regarding the information. Your statement of dispute will be sent to every person to whom disclosure has been made.


Please direct all requests to Customer Service, Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company, P. O. Box 5649, Abilene, Texas 79608.